Dr. Beasley's Fine Leather Prescription leather care kit includes all the products you need to safely and effectively clean, condition, and protect your leather surfaces. Use it in your car and your home to restore leather and prevent future damage.


Fine Leather Prescription:

• 1 - Fine Leather Cleanser - 12 oz

• 1 - Opti-Leather Cleanser - 12 oz

• 1 - Leather Cream - 8 oz

• 1 - Leather Lock - 12 oz

Dr. Beasley's Fine Leather Prescription

SKU: DR-039
  • 1. When beginning Dr. Beasley’s Fine Leather Prescription, brush off seats to remove debris with a soft bristle interior brush. Also, it is recommended to warm the seats with seat warmers, the sun, or a hair dryer before beginning the process to make the leather more elastic.
    2. Once seats are warm and clear, apply the Fine Leather Cleanser evenly to your car’s leather surfaces with a microfiber applicator. Allow the cleanser to penetrate the leather and massage gently, working it into the leather consistently. 
    3. Once completed, wipe surface dry and apply more cleanser if needed. Use Opti-Leather Cleanser for tough stains, marks, and heavy soil left behind by gently applying it in the same fashion without letting it sink into the leather, then dry.
    4.Next, to protect your leather’s finish, use a microfiber applicator provided to apply a thin coat of Leather Cream to the desired surface. Massage into leather and let sit for 15 minutes so it penetrates. Remove excess product with a clean Microfiber cloth.
    5. If the Leather Cream is fully absorbed after 10-15 minutes, a second application is recommended. This is usually the case for high-traffic areas such as Driver/Passenger seats and steering wheel.
    6.After Leather Cream has dried apply Leather Lock by spraying on a towel and wiping the leather surface. Be sure to get full coverage, and let fully dry before disturbing the surface.