Why Fabric Coating Kit?

The Fabric Coating Kit is the total package for protecting your interior fabric surfaces from staining and UV fading. But why does that matter?


Block Contaminants From Embedding

Interior car fabrics like carpeting or upholstery are practically magnets for embedded contaminants. Even with a powerful vacuum, lifting these little bits of food and dirt out of your fabric is near impossible. Dr. Beasley’s Fabric Coating Kit gives your fabric a shield against these contaminants, stopping them from embedding in the first place so you can clean with ease.


Stop Staining

Spills and staining can make maintaining interior fabric a total pain. But with a barrier like the kind Fabric Coating Kit provides, any liquid spilled on your fabric will bead on top rather than sink in and stain.


Maintain Your Fabric's Look

Like plastic and paint, fabric too falls prey to the fading effects of UV/UVB rays. Our Fabric Coating is stuffed with UV blocking agents to ensure your fabric keeps looking new for the life of your car. Fabric Coating is invisible too, so it won’t alter the look or the feel of your fabric.


How Does It Work?

Any time a liquid comes in contact with a fabric surface, it seeps into the invisible gaps of yarn or fiber that make up the fabric, tainting the surface with an unsightly stain. To prevent this, Dr. Beasley's Fabric Coating crosslinks with your prepped fabric to form a hydrophobic barrier that causes liquids to bead on top for ridiculously easy clean-up. After an hour to set, your fabric will be fully protected. This applies to any fabric - car seats, mats, convertible tops, backpacks, carpet, you name it. For microsuede surfaces, however, please see Dr. Beasley's Microsuede Protection.


What The Kit Includes
(1) 4 oz Fabric Coating Prep
(1) 4 oz Fabric Coating

Dr. Beasley's Fabric Coating Kit

SKU: DR-104
  • Application Instructions

    1. Shake Fabric Coating Prep and Fabric Coating well before use.
    2. Ensure surface is clean and dry before application.
    3. Spray Fabric Coating Prep onto carpet or fabric, holding the bottle 6 inches from the surface.
    4. Gently wipe surface with clean, dry towel.
    5. Spray Fabric Coating directly onto fabric or carpet, holding the bottle 6 inches from the surface. Apply evenly to ensure complete coverage.
    6. Let cure undisturbed for at least 1 hour.
    7. To test the success of your application, sprinkle a few drops of water onto the coated surface. 
    8. If the water drops bead on top of the fabric, application is successful. If the water soaks in, repeat steps 3-6.


    Additional Tips

    *Before applying, test a small amount on an inconspicuous area to check surface compatibility.*