Dr. Beasley’s Complete Interior Detailing Prescription will clean your car’s interior from headliner to floor mat. With quality products and a proven process, you’ll be happy you chose Dr. Beasley’s for your at home detailing needs.


Kit comes with everything needed for vehicles with upholstery/carpeting. Leather care products and accessories are optional additions.


Complete Interior Detailing Prescription:

  • 1 - Interior Cleanser - 12 oz
  • 1 - Plastic Conditioner - 8 oz
  • 1 - Opti-Surface Cleanser - 12 oz
  • 1 - Carpet & Upholstery Cleanser - 12 oz
  • 1 - Glass Cleanser - 12 oz

Dr.Beasley's Complete Interior Detailing Prescription

SKU: DR-049
  • 1. The first step to a Complete Interior Detailing Prescription is to vacuum large debris and dirt from the car’s interior. 
    2. Next, beginning with the dash, clean using Dr. Beasley’s Interior Cleanser and microfiber towels to remove any dirt or spots from any plastic finishes. Use a Vent Brush provided to remove dust from small crevices and vents.
    3. Continue the same process on door panels, floor boards, and center console to insure a thorough clean. For tough stains or marks, let cleanser soak in and continue to scrub then dry (repeating as necessary). Moving to surfaces such as vinyl or upholstery seats, spray Dr. Beasley’s Interior Cleanser and continue to wash using a towel or soft brush. Allow cleanser to fully dry by using a towel to soak up any excess liquid. Repeat as necessary and use Dr. Beasley’s Opti-Surface Cleanser to remove dirt and tough stains.
    4. For seat seams, use a Nylon Detail Brush and be sure to thoroughly scrub all seams as they can accumulate dirt and dust quite easily.
    5. For any pet hair or tough-to-grab rubbish, use a pet hair remover brush or stone on any surface to remove such debris from your car’s interior.
    6. When cleaning the carpet, spray Dr. Beasley’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleanser and scrub with a siff bristle brush to remove dirt from the carpet fibers. For stains, allow carpet cleanser to soak in and repeat process until removed. Use towels to dry and soak up excess liquid from carpet or use a shop vac for excess moisture.
    7. Once carpets are complete, spray windows with Glass Cleanser and dry with a microfiber glass cleaning towel.
    8. Now that the entire interior has been cleaned, it’s time to protect. Spray Dr. Beasley’s pH Neutralizer on all plastic, vinyl, carpet, and upholstery surfaces and dry.
    9. Next, apply Dr. Beasley’s Plastic Conditioner with a microfiber applicator to dash, console, runners, and any other plastic surfaces that have been neutralized. Allow to cure and wipe off with Microfiber towel.
    10. Next, spray Carpet with the Carpet & Upholstery Protection evenly and allow time to dry. For upholstered seats, spray Carpet & Upholstery Protection onto a towel and evenly    wipe seats down and allow drying.
    11. Now that the interior is cleaned and protected, vacuum carpets for the final Complete Interior Detailing step to assist in drying and to remove any debris that may have accumulated during the cleaning process.