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The Easiest Way Ever To Protect & Shine Your Car's Paint

Updated: May 19, 2019

You can wax your car. You can use a paint sealant or a ceramic coating to protect and shine. Depending on your requirements and desired results any of these options work great. However, even a simple spray on wax requires some time to apply and remove. And any of the above solutions are designed primarily for paint only.

What if I told you there were products that you simply spray on your car as an added step during a normal car wash that provide not only 3 months or more paint protection but also give you great water beading? And if I told you could use the product not only on the paint but on the glass, trim, wheel wells, rims as well? Pretty impressive. Well a product(s) like this exists! Gyeon's Wetcoat & CarPro's Hydro2.

Gyeon Wetcoat & Carpro Hydro 2

How They Work

These products react chemically with water contact. This means the coating transforms from Hydrophilic to Hydrophobic. The pressure from spraying with water accelerates the bonding of the product the surface creating a Hydrophobic layer. So all you need to do is wash your car, rinse it, and while still wet spray the product on any exterior surface you desire, then rinse again and done!

In order to properly bond during this rinse process the higher the water pressure the better IE: Best to be used with a pressure washer. However, if you have no pressure washer there is "next best" inexpensive solution that provides a lot more water pressure than a regular garden hose. Check out SM Arnold's "Fire Hose Nozzle" . This unit provides up to 40 ft. of jet spray giving you a high amount of water pressure.

SM Arnold Fire Hose Car Wash Spray Nozzle

Inexpensive, easy to use, and work great! Either of these quality products are definitely worth a look! Check out the water beading from CarPro's Hydro2....

CarPro Hydro water beading on car hood

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