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Dr Beasley's Ceramic Coating Line Up

Dr. Beasley’s car care philosophy has always been this: If it’s part of your car, it’s worth protecting. That’s why we’ve developed ceramic car coating systems for not just your paint, but for every surface on your car imaginable. We’ve got kits for your glass, headlights, plastic trim, you name it.

Of course, with all these kits now available, it’s good to get a breakdown of how they all work. In this blog we’ll be taking a closer look at each kit in the Dr. Beasley’s coating line to get you up-to-date on what we have to offer. 

Nano-Resin Pro Kit

With 9 years of protection and touting an unbelievable candy-like gloss, it represents the absolute pinnacle of what Dr. Beasley’s has to offer in a nano ceramic coating system. Nano-Resin Pro was conceived in response to the shortcomings we were constantly seeing in other ceramic coatings.

You’ve probably noticed that ceramic car coating marketing these days draws a lot of attention to hardness, with numbers being thrown around like “9H”. You may assume this refers to the Mohs scale of hardness you’re familiar with from high school chemistry, but it’s actually the highest number on the Pencil Hardness Test. Most companies don’t point this out and let you believe their coating is diamond-hard. 

This marketing angle has consistently baffled us considering the panels on a car are actually slightly flexible and warp subtly, meaning a super-hard coating may crack or separate from your paint as you drive.

Realizing this, we formulated Nano-Resin Pro to elastomerically bond with your paint’s surface, cross-linking to form a highly durable yet flexible barrier that will move with your panels as they alter shape. It’s also designed to make your surface superhydrophobic, beading liquids to prevent staining and etching. It has self-healing properties as well, restoring micro-marred areas when exposed to heat.

Besides the coating, the kit includes Paint Coating Prep to prime your paint for bonding with the Nano-Resin Pro, a foam block applicator, and two suede cloths to wrap the applicator with. Available for purchase here

Nano-Resin Kit

You may think that with the Nano-Resin Pro Kit out there, the original Nano-Resin Kit is totally obsolete. Not true! It’s been our best seller for years, and for good reason.

With 2-3 years of protection, incredible gloss, added UV blockers, superhydrophobicity, and high durability, the Nano-Resin Kit is still a worthy choice, especially for consumer-level detailers who are weary about shelling out the big bucks.

Nano-Resin is easy to install at home and doesn’t have the long flash time associated with other ceramic car coatings. The kit, much like Nano-Resin Pro, comes with Paint Coating Prep to prime your surface for bonding, a foam block applicator, and two suede cloths. Available for purchase here

Glass Serum Pro Kit

Like paint surfaces, glass surfaces are susceptible to many kinds of damage. They fog up, they get micro-marred, they suffer from water spots and etching, the list goes on.

A lot of this stems from the surface of glass – it’s actually jagged and uneven at the microscopic level, capturing water and contaminants in its nooks and crannies. 

So, Dr. Beasley’s developed the Glass Serum Pro Kit, a professional-style, permanent glass coating system that creates a superhydrophobic barrier on your glass’ surface, stopping water, snow and sleet from adhering in the first place.

The kit includes Glass Serum Pro, Glass Coating Prep, foam applicator, and two suede cloths. Because we designed this for professionals, it requires a machine buffer after application to speed the curing process for busy detail shops. Don’t have a machine buffer? The next kit we discuss may be for you. Glass Serum Pro available for purchase here

Glass Serum Kit 

After reading about the amazing qualities of Glass Serum Pro, you may think the regular Glass Serum Kit is a step down – not so! Rather, Glass Serum represents a different class of coating system, one intended for the everyday consumer.

A Glass Serum coating has many of the same properties of Glass Serum Pro – hydrophobicity, micro-marring resistance, anti-fogging, etc. – but with a much more user-friendly installation. 

The kit includes Glass Serum, Glass Coating Prep, foam applicator, and two suede cloths. It does not require machine buffing, instead relying on an hour of curing. Available for purchase here. 

Leather Lock Pro Kit

While it looks great, leather is an incredibly frustrating surface to maintain. That’s why we developed Dr. Beasley’s Leather Lock Pro Kit – used as preventative maintenance coating, it stops potential catastrophes from ruining your leather. 

For one, it’s superhydrophobic. Any liquid you accidentally spill will not stain the leather – rather, it’ll just bead on top for easy clean-up.

It also reduces surface friction, meaning the day-to-day wear and tear your leather experiences will be totally minimized. 

You’ll get protection from micro-marring as well. And because the coating is invisible, it’ll keep your leather looking like the day you bought it. The kit comes with the Leather Lock Pro coating, Leather Coating Prep and a foam applicator. Available for purchase here. 

Film Coating Kit/Matte Film Coating Kit

PPFs and vinyl wraps are subject to fading, yellowing, micro-marring and etching. Applying the appropriate Film Coating for your PPF/wrap’s finish ensures none of these scenarios can occur. 

Many PPFs and vinyl wraps have self-healing properties that won’t work if you apply any old coating on top. Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kits, however, are designed to work with your wrap’s self-healing properties, meaning you won’t have to worry about whether a hairline scratch will come out or not. Matte Film Coating Kit available for purchase here, regular Film Coating Kit available for sale here

Headlight Coating Kit


When it comes to detailing, a lot of people don’t think twice about their headlights – they’re not exactly the sexiest part of your car. Yet when they get discolored or foggy, they stick out like a sore thumb. That’s where the Headlight Coating Kit comes in.

Designed for your headlights and taillights, Headlight Coating creates a superhydrophobic barrier that coats your light’s surface.

The coat beads liquids to keep your lights unobscured and stops water from seeping into the polycarbonate that makes up your light – that’s what causes hazing/fogging. 

Includes Headlight Coating Prep, a foam block applicator and two suede cloths. Headlight Coating will work on your interior dome lights and reflectors as well. Available for purchase here. 

Plastic Trim Coating Kit

Many cars have exterior plastic trim, everywhere from bumpers to wheel wells. The trim is often black and made from scratch-able plastic, meaning you’re at risk for UV fading and rampant micro-marring. Plastic Trim Coating was formulated to halt this fading and keep plastic looking fresh. After it’s applied to your surface, it’ll bead liquids, resist micro-marring and block UV rays. 

The kit includes the coating, Plastic Coating Prep, and a foam applicator.

It’s permanent, so get it installed on a new vehicle as a preventative maintenance measure. Available for purchase here.

Fabric Coating Kit

Fabric Coating Kit was born out of many of the same concerns that led to the creation of Leather Lock Pro, but with an even greater emphasis on hydrophobicity. That’s because with fabric, liquids seep into the minuscule gaps between fibers, creating a much deeper stain. 

So, we designed Fabric Coating to form a cross-linked bond with your interior fabric surface, creating a superhydrophobic barrier to keep liquids out while blocking UV rays from fading your fabric.

The Fabric Coating Kit includes two spray bottles – one containing Fabric Coating Prep and the other containing the Fabric Coating itself. Available for purchase here.